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Hi, welcome to my RESUME page!

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Leyun at Fushimi Inari-taisha

Leyun Yuan


University of San Diego, Knauss School of Business                                                                 San Diego, CA
Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing                                                                             May 2023
Minors in Communication Studies and Visual Arts 


Google Paid Search Ad Campaign: USD Marketing & Communications         San Diego, CA
MKTG 341 Digital Marketing                                                                         Jan 2023-May 2023

  • Developed Paid Google Search Ads to promote and raise awareness of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive at University of San Diego 

  • Targeted incoming student market using a $2,000 budget over 3 months with a campaign theme focused on DEI x School of Engineering.

  • Performed keyword research and Google trend analysis to develop and adjust ads through an iterative process over 3 rounds of ad modification.

  • Results: Total Clicks: 2,626, Total Impressions: 39,423, CTR: 6.66%, Growth over time: 10.42%

Website Development                                                                                           San Diego, CA
MKTG 341 Digital Marketing                                                                       Jan 2023 – May 2023

  • Website built using Wix program, implementing brand persona development, marketing strategy, and a focus on content creation.

  • Meta Title, Meta Description, and Alt Text incorporated into website for optimal search results and SEO

  • Active blog with accompanying email marketing campaign.

Marketing Research Project: Spotify,                                      University of San Diego San Diego, California

MKTG 410 Marketing Research                                                                                          Aug 2021-Dec 2021

  • Identified a specific marketing problem at Spotify based on secondary data from online databases, including IBISWorld and Mintel, and determined central research questions

  • Analyzed qualitative primary data from a 4-person focus group to generate key hypotheses

  • Designed and administered a survey through Qualtrics to collect quantitative data from 140+ people and used IBM SPSS to perform statistical analyses and generate meaningful insights

  • Visualized data using Excel and Canva and presented findings and proposed marketing strategy

SIBC project: Cretian Crown, University of San Diego                                                   San Diego, California

Student International Business Council                                                                               Jan 2021-Dec 2021

  •  Conducted research on the olive oil market in Southern California and San Diego to assist a Greek olive oil company to develop its brand identity and sales strategy 

  • Compared direct competitors, explored potential influencers, updated the website, and designed new logos and bottles


Office of International Students and Scholars, University of San Diego                                 San Diego, CA
Undergraduate Student Assistant                                                                                      Aug 2021- May 2023

  • Communicated with students, parents, staff, and faculty to support their needs by providing  information or assistance, and let international students adapt to campus life in the US

  • Designed posters using Canva for 10 events, created content for office Instagram account, and sent emails to communicate with international students

  • Designed 2 postcards for the Family Week Event

  • Run the statistic report of international students for the academic year, help schedule the semester events, and organize the information of international students in the office 

Autism Tree Project Foundation (ATPF)                                                                           San Diego, California

ATPF Intern                                                                                                                         Jun. 2022- Aug. 2022

  • Created flyers on Canva for future events, updated the ATPF website and posted flyers and created event on Facebook 

  • Use Meta Business Suite to plan Instagram and Facebook posts 

  • Facilitated and took pictures during in-person/online events for future marketing uses

  • Communicated with parents and sent reminder texts for event promotion

Gen 5 Fertility Center                                                                                                        San Diego, California
Marketing Department Assistant                                                                                       July 2021-Aug. 2021

  • Conducted marketing research of the fertility industry and competitors in San Diego to improve marketing business plan

  • Managed and created content for the center’s social media accounts and closely monitored engagement to inform promotional strategies

  • Built a CRM system on Zoho to manage client appointments, utilize workflow communication system, and schedule marketing activities


American Marketing Association, University of San Diego                                            San Diego, California

Dierector of Marketing                                                                                                           Jun. 2022-Present

  • Served on 10-person executive board of  USD AMA, winner of USD’s 2023 Outstanding Student Organization Award

  • Designed and sent weekly emails through MailChimp to 150+ students per week promoting club events, resulting in a 78% average open rate

  • Managed marketing distribution of flyers across campus, including submitting information for 25 individual events to two newsletters, school website, and on-campus buildings

  • Organized and attended every event with other executive board members, gave feedback at the weekly meeting and planned for the future event

Less Than Three Dance Crew (LT3), University of San Diego                                        San Diego, California

Secretary                                                                                                                                Jun. 2022 - Present

  • Served on 5-person executive board for LT3, winner of USD’s 2023 Excellence in Inclusion Award

  • Created and scheduled weekly emails using Mailchimp to 170+ students to promote dance workshops and performances, resulting in a 70% average open rate

  • Taught one in-person, self-choreographed workshop per semester for 20+ dancers increasing attendance by 250% in under 8-months

  • Organized and executed inaugural dance showcase event featuring multiple dance performances for audience of 120+ people

  • Took videos of every workshop for the marketing chair to share out with LT3 members


Chinese Student and Scholars Association (CSSA), University of San Diego               San Diego, California

Marketing and Public Relations Committee Member                                                    Sept. 2020-Jun. 2022

  • Wrote articles and posted on the CSSA WeChat Official Account to promote organization events and build a community for Chinese students at USD

  • Created content and designed posters to promote events and festivals using Canva

  • Managed the official social media and video accounts, Instagram and Bilibili, including posting the latest information and responding to comments or direct messages



American Marketing Association, USD, Member; Director of Marketing                         Sept. 2019-Present

Less Than Three Dance Crew (LT3), USD, Member; Secretary                                          Sept. 2019-Present

Torero Gaming (TG), USD, Member                                                                                  Sept. 2020 - Present

Filipino Ugnayan Student Organization (FUSO), USD, Member.                                    Sept.2020 - Present 

Women in Business, USD, Member                                                                                      Sept.2022-Present

Student International Business Council (SIBC), USD, Member                                       Feb. 2021-May 2021


Marketing: Digital Marketing Certified, Blogging, Google Analytics, Website & Content Creation, Search Engine Marketing (SEO & Paid), Email Marketing, Keyword Research & Planning, HubSpot Trailblazer [lyuan35]

Computer: Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, IBM SPSS, Qualtrics

Video Editing: Basic Adobe Premiere Pro, VN cut, iMovie, DaVinci Resolve; DSLR Camera (photo/video) & mechanical film camera

Graphic Design: Canva, Procreate, Photoshop basic

Language: Proficient in Chinese and English

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